You can use different types of material on your content, one of which is video. To use videos on your content, they have to be uploaded to the media library on the Management Site. Material is uploaded to the library from your computer so you need to have access to the original file.

If you want to use your organisation's video material on your content, and it's available on YouTube but you don't have the original file on your computer, you can use a third-party service to download the video.

One such service is, you can use it without installing software or registering to download YouTube videos to your computer.

1. Type in or paste the video URL in the field and click Continue.

2. Choose a high quality for the video, either High Definition (720p) or High Definition (1080p).

3. Click Start!.

Then upload the video from you computer to the iDiD media library either by dragging and dropping the file on the Management Site or by clicking the upload icon and searching the file from your computer.


Note that you can only use videos you have the rights to on your content!