Do you want to know how the content you created looks on the screens with their schedules and transition effects? Now you can preview the content easily directly in your browser.

First, in the menu on the left, ensure you are in the Content view. Above the content, there is a blue text Preview player. Open the preview by clicking on the text.


The preview opens in a new tab. The preview displays only the content that is scheduled to show at the moment you are looking at them, i.e. what your screens show.


The preview shows all the content that is scheduled for the time of the preview and they show up with their transitions. In addition to this, there are colored circles on the bottom left of the screen that indicate things such as the connection status.

Note that in the preview you may see dark edges on your content because your browser window may not have the same aspect ratio as the one on your digital signage screen. This has no effect on the view on your digital signage screen.

The preview feature is available only for previewing your content. CSS injections and the emergency view are not visible in the preview.