Show your shared calendar or a meeting room's schedule on a Digital Signage display automatically using the Exchange Connector. You can display the events for the day, week or the whole month and customize the appearance fast and easily.

A calendar view with our own Talents theme displayed on a background image

Add a calendar view in your content by using an html element. For this, you will need a URL to specify the view.

Start by visiting exchange.idid.fi (opens in a new tab).

The first time you are using the Exchange Connector, you need to register using the calendar's Exchange or Office365 account. You will get a confirmation email with a client id. Later, you can use the cid to login to the Connector.

After the registration and login, you can view and customize the calendar view.

Use the dropdown menu View to choose whether to display the events for the day (Päivälista), the week (Viikkolista) or the whole month (Kuukausilista). If you choose loppupäivä (rest of the day) or loppuviikko (rest of the week), the calendar only shows upcoming events and hides the ones that have passed. In addition to these you can choose:

  • Lista (list): Only displays events with their schedules as list items.
  • Näkymä (view): Also displays days without events, the events are displayed as lists including the schedules.
  • Agenda: Displays all days with the hours, the events are shown in the diary according to their schedule.

Choose the layout in the dropdown menu Theme.

The changes are updated immediately and a preview is shown below the menu. You can also click Open Calendar  to open the full size calendar in a new tab.

After you have done all the changes, copy the URL at the bottom of the menu. Paste it in the URL field of the html element on the iDiD editor.

The calendar view is translucent so that you can personalize the view even more by placing it over a background image.

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.