Bring your internal communications from Yammer on to your iDiD displays automatically with our Yammer Connector. The integration allows you to choose the feeds to display from your Yammer environment and customize the number of messages shown.

To start, go to (opens in a new tab). 

Click Yammer login and log in normally using the Yammer, Office365 or corporate credentials of the account that you wish to share on the screens.

If you log in using the Office365 account, you will be automatically redirected to the Office365 login page.

If you are already logged in to Yammer on the same browser, you will be automatically directed to the connection page.

Note that if you want to create your organization a new Yammer account for iDiD use, you should first log out of your own Yammer/Office365 account and make a new registration using the private browsing option in the browser. If you create a new user account to use with iDiD, we recommend changing the account settings so that the account does not require regular password updates. Whenever the password for the account connected to iDiD is changed, the Yammer connection needs to be reopened.

After you have logged in, you are prompted to allow connecting your Yammer account to iDiD. Allow the connection by clicking Allow on the bottom right.

After the accounts have been connected, you can customize the Yammer feed that is presented on your iDiD displays.

Specify the number of posts shown, the duration for each slide in seconds and the number of tiles for the feed. You can do this individually for each feed. When you are done, click Save.

Copy the URL and paste it in the URL field of the html element on the iDiD editor.

Save the content you created. Done!

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.