When you are checking the content view, there may be up to two widgets available, emergency and touch screen. There may be no widgets on the levels you manage.


The emergency feature is for quick communications, e.g. in case of emergency. When the emergency is on, all the scheduled content on the current level and all those below it will be paused and a red screen is updated with an emergency text you type in almost real time. There is a small delay between the button push or text input and the update on the screen so in case of an accidental activation there is some time to close the emergency before it is shown on the screens.

To activate the emergency, press on the Emergency button. A screen opens up with a field for your emergency message. Type your message and press Turn emergency ON above the field.

Note. When the emergency is activated, you cannot use other features in the management. This way the emergency cannot be left on by accident.

Deactivate the emergency by pressing TurnĀ emergency OFF above the text field.

Touch Screen

The touch screen button activates the touch screen feature. To use the touch screen feature in iDiD, the screen has to be equipped with a touch screen capability.

  1. To activate the touch screen feature, press on the Touch button.
  2. On the Enabled menu, choose On.
  3. Type or paste in the address of the website you want to display on the screen. Next, set the inactivity Time in seconds after which the screen goes back to showing content normally.
  4. Finally, press Save.

If the screen is not equipped with a touch screen capability, activating it in the management does not intervene with content presentation.

Deactivate the feature by switching the Enabled to Off.

The button is displayed in green when the feature is activated.

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