Let it snow by adding this cozy effect on your screens!

Add a pinch of winter on your screens easily by adding a layer of light snowfall on your content.

The snowfall is created with a simple html element.

1. First, add an html element on your content and adjust its size and location. You will get the best result by stretching the element over the rest of the content. Make sure that the element is on top, this is the case when the name of the element is the first one on the element list on the left.

2. Next, copy the following URL and paste it in the URL field of the element:


Remember to save your content. Done!

Note that some of the slower players PCs may have issues running the effect. In case of slow player PCs it is recommended to monitor the PCs' performance or avoid full screen effects.

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.