Delight your clients and offer extra value by displaying the bus schedules for Tampere regional transport along with you other content!

With this html element, you can add the automatically updated local bus schedules for the stops that you define. The schedule shows all the routes for the stop with their destination and the next two arrival times for them.

The schedule is created with an html element.

The base URL for the bus schedules:

After the base URL you can modify the stop information with parameters. They are the bus stop, any additional stops (loop) and other information such as the name of the place, font size and row height.


To define the stop number, use the parameter stop. Find the stop information by searching the Regional Transport timetables or the transit map

For example

Multiple Stops

If you want to display the schedule for more than one stop, define them with the parameter loop. Separate the parameter from the previous one with an ampersand (&). Use the stop you defined with the stop parameter as the first stop in the loop and add the other stops separated with a comma (,). 

Note: Do not use spaces in the list!

For example,509,504,505

Place Name

To define the name of the place where the schedules are shown, use the parameter name. Separate the parameter again from the previous one with an ampersand (&). You can choose the place name and it is displayed above the stop name and number in the top left corner.

Note: Do not use special characters such as ä and ö in the name!

For example,509,504,505&name=Paikan_nimi

Font Size

To change the font size, use the parameter font_size and separate it from the previous one with an ampersand. The size must be at least 30 and at most 50 pixels. The recommended size for digital signage screens is the maximum, 50.

For example,509,504,505&name=Paikan_nimi&font_size=50

Row Height

To define the row height, use the parameter row_height, again separating it from the previous onee with an ampersand. The row height must be between 20 and 80. The recommended row height for digital signage screens is the maximum, 80.

For example,509,504,505&name=Paikan_nimi&font_size=50&row_height=80

Add the bus schedules on your iDiD content:

  1. Create a new piece of content in which you want to display the bus schedules. Add or choose an html element.
  2. Choose and modify the details for your schedule element, and paste the URL in the field.

Remember to save your content. Done!

The bus schedules are available only through an unencrypted http connection. If you are logged into the iDiD management using an SSL-encrypted https, you will not be able to see the schedules on your browser. In that case, you can see them by changing the address from starting with https to starting with http on the address bar.