Delight your staff, clients and partners by using a topical iDiD template on your screens.

The seasonal templates are available for use during the season after which we will remove them.

The images are updated according to the theme, the image below shows a template we have had for Easter.

How to use the templates:

  1. Log in to iDiD Management and navigate to the level on which you want to use the template.
  2. Choose Create content.
  3. Choose the template for your screens (horizontal or vertical), you can find the seasonal templates among your normal set of templates.
  4. Edit the text in the template to display your own greetings. You can also change the font size and text alignment.
  5. After your edits, click on Save

Note. The templates are made for horizontal and vertical FullHD screens, not for LED screens.


iDiD team