Display Sodexo menus on info screens automatically for a day at a time or the whole week.

Menus are displayed via HTML element.

1. Start by creating a slide in the iDiD management with the schedules you want and add an HTML element.

2. In the URL field on the left side of the management, copy one of the following links.

The menu of the day


The menu of the day in two columns


The menu of the week


If you want to display the menu of the week one day at a time as a slide show, use the following link.


changing view of coming menus


The restaurantid at the end of the URL determines which menu is retrieved. Get the menu of the restaurant you want by changing the ID.

You can find the id below a menu on the Sodexo website (the JSON link under the menu). The ID is the number between”/daily_json/” and the date in the URL.

Example IDs for Tampere restaurants:

91 = Court House

58 = Kulmasarvis

22 = Dynamo Business Park

92 = University of Tampere, Linna

19682 = Tipotie Health Center, Vaski

E.g. If you want a slide with the menus of the Tampere Court House from the current day onward, use the following URL: http://menu.idid.fi/sodexo/list/?restaurantid=91.

Letter case is unimportant in the link.

Changing font size

The font sizes of the menus automatically change with the sizes of the HTML elements, but you can also change the size of the fonts with a parameter. Add the parameter “&style=font-xxxs” to the end of the URL (excluding quotation marks). Sizes range from xxxs to xxl, only use lower case letters.

NB! This HTML element may only be used in the iDiD management.