Enjoy the sunshine or the rain and share the current weather information or a forecast for the coming hours or days. You have four layouts to choose from, each of which comes with colored, black, or white icons. The background in each option is transparent so you can place the forecast over a background color or image. The same element can be used in both horizontal and vertical displays.

Use the weather element by adding an html element in your content and, in the URL field, pasting the following URL: 


Weather view 1: Weather now + upcoming hours + upcoming days


Different colors are defined with a letter identifier:

Colored icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/1/?address=Tampere

Black icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/1B/?address=Tampere

White icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/1W/?address=Tampere

Weather view 2: Weather now + upcoming days


Different colors are defined with a letter identifier: 

Colored icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/2/?address=Tampere

Black icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/2B/?address=Tampere

White icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/2W/?address=Tampere

Weather view 3: Weather now + upcoming hours


Different colors are defined with a letter identifier:

Colored icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/3/?address=Tampere

Black icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/3B/?address=Tampere

White icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/3W/?address=Tampere

Weather view 4: Weather now 


Different colors are defined with a letter identifier:

Colored icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/4/?address=Tampere

Black icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/4B/?address=Tampere

White icons: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast/4W/?address=Tampere


Define the location to get more accurate weather information. The information is always retrieved from the measuring stations closest to your location. The location can be a city, an area or even an address and it is defined using the parameter address=. If the location has multiple words, such as an address, separate the parts with a plus sign (+). For example:



The default language for the weather information is Finnish, but it is also available in English and Swedish. Change the language by adding a language identifier after the word forecast, separated by an underscore (_) before the number idenfitying the weather view. 

The language identifier for English is _en and for Swedish _sv.

For example:

In English: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast_en/1/?address=Tampere

In Swedish: https://idid.fi/extra/weather/forecast_sv/1/?address=Tampere

Source of Weather Information

The source of the weather information is Dark Sky who have a modern and comprehensive interface for retrieving information. 

The location for the element is retrieved using Google Maps, which means you can define the location down to the address. The information is retrieved from the closest weather station.

Add the weather information on your iDiD content:

  1. Create a new piece of content in which you want to display the weather information. Add or choose an html element.
  2. Choose the details for your weather element, and paste the URL in the field.

Remember to save your content. Done!

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.