Do you want to show what's new in your company? Do you have events that people tag in their photos? Show them in your iDiD content easily with an html element!

The new iDiD Instagram Connector allows you to define the number and layout of your images. 

Start using Instagram Connector on (opens in a new tab).

Getting Started with Instagram Connector

Click on Instagram login to connect your Instagram account to iDiD.

Log in with your Instagram account and password and allow the connection.

Using Instagram Connector

  1. Set the Number of images you want to display and their rotation. If the rotation is set to 0, the images are shown in straight lines.
  2. Choose whether you want to show photos from your own account or photos with a specific hashtag:
  • If you want to display photos from your own Instagram feed, copy the address on the first line. You can preview the layout by clicking on Get the image feed (opens in a new tab). 
  • If you want to display photos with a specific hashtag, write the tag you want in the field without the number sign (#), and copy the address on the second line. Similarly, you can preview the layout by clicking on the Get #[your tag] images (opens in a new tab).

Adding the Instagram Feed in iDiD Content

  1. Create new content in which you want to display the feed. Create or select an html element.
  2. After making the modifications, copy the URL address in the field at the bottom of the Connector menu and paste it in the URL field of the html element.

Note that the Instagram feed has a transparent background so you can use it with a background color or image. The images are positioned automatically for both horizontal and vertical displays. When you change the size of the element, the images are automatically scaled to the right size.

  1. Save the content you created. Done!

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.

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