You can display the time in a digital form using an html element.

Get the basic digital clock with black digits using:

How to add the clock in the content:

1. Add an html element in your content. Modify the size and location of the element.

2. Copy and paste the URL in the URL field of the element.

You can change the text attibutes such as the size and color of the font by using parameters. Add the parameters after the base url separated with a question mark (?).

For example


To change the color, use the parameter color. Define the color by using the HEX color code without the number sign (#). The HEX color code for black, for example, is #000000. Find the HEX codes for your colors here (external site, opens in a new tab).

An example with a grey font:

Font size

The font size is scalable which means you can modify it easily by changing the size of the element. However, if you want a specific font size (to match text, for example), you can define it by using the parameter size.

Note that the font sizes normally used in documents are often too small for large Digital Signage screens and try out different sizes before saving the content.

For example

Combining parameters

You can also use several parameters. In that case, just separate them using an ampersand (&).

For example

Remember to save the content. Done!

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.