This verbal event counter tells you how long it has been since a past date or how far in the future an upcoming event is. The counter does not usually show an exact number of days but rather tells the time in plain language using minutes, hours, weeks, months or years. 


The counter consists of the base URL and the date:

You can modify the date using the parameter date, use the format DD.MM.YYYY.

How to add the event counter in the content:

1. Add an html element in your content. Modify the size and location of the element.

2. Copy and paste the URL in the URL field of the element. Complement the URL with the parameters below.

You can also modify the features by using these additional parameters. The parameters you can modify are text, time, language (lang), as well as the color and font of the text. Add them after the base URL and date separated from them with an ampersand (&).  

For example


The text feature is displayed before the time and it is a good way to specify what the counter is about. To change this, use the parameter text

For example is here again


You can also add a time to get a more specific count as the event is drawing closer. To change the time, use the parameter time. Use the 24-hour clock and separate the hours and minutes with a colon (:).

For example


To change the language, use the parameter lang. The languages available include English (en), Swedish (sv), Spanish (es), German (de), French (fr), Dutch (nl), Italian (it), Arabic (ar) and Russian (ru). The default language of the element is Finnish so unless you define the parameter, it will be displayed in Finnish. 

For example


To change the color, use the parameter color. Define the color by using the HEX color code without the number sign (#). The HEX color code for black, for example, is #000000. Find the HEX codes for your colors here (external site, opens in a new tab).

For example


To change the font, use the parameter font. You can use all the fonts that are available for the text element on the iDiD management. Type the name of the font exactly as it is shown in the font menu.

For example One

Note that spaces are automatically transformed into %20 on the address bar. This does not affect the perfomance of the element.

Combining parameters

You can also use several parameters. Just separate the parameters from the base URL with a question mark (?) and any subsequent parameter from one another using an ampersand (&).

For example

Font size

The font size is scalable which means you can modify it easily by changing the size of the element.

Remember to save the content. Done!

Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.