Do you serve lunch daily and want to display only the menu during it? Is there an event coming up that requires all non-related content to be paused?

With the priority feature you can give your content priority, which means that all the non-priority content will be temporarily paused. You can give priority to more than one piece of content in which case all the content with priority are shown according to their schedule.

The priority feature uses the schedule of the content, i.e. other content is paused only when the priority content is scheduled to show. Outside of its schedule, all content is shown normally. Otherwise, the priority feature is in use until you disable it.


Enable the priority feature by clicking on the exclamation mark (!) on the left side of the content.

blob1478158392004.png  blob1478158399435.png

When priority is activated, the content tile turns yellow and the exclamation mark is displayed on a red background.

You can disable the priority by clicking on the exclamation mark again.

You can set the priority when creating the content by choosing High in the Priority menu. This way the content you create is shown without the other content as soon as its scheduled display time begins.

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