4G Module Installation

Bill of Materials

•Philips screwdrivers (P1 and P2)

•2x M2 screws 4mm long

•Huawei ME909s-120 mPCIeEU module

•RF interface SMA/U.FL/IPEX 15cm pigtail cable

•LTE rubber antenna

•Data enabled SIM card

•Drilling machine with a 6mm drill bit


Remove the plastic cover

The plastic cover is fixed with one screw (P2) on the back of the monitor, remove it and detach the cable from the white connector.

Enlarge the antenna hole

The antenna hole is too small for the connector, you will need to enlarge it up to ~6mm with a drill bit.

Insert the antenna cable

Insert the antenna connector from the inside part of the plastic cover and lock it with its own collar from the outside.

Install the SIM card

Remove the plastic placeholder from the SIM slot and insert the SIM cardin the orientation you see in the picture.

Attach the mPCIemodule

Insert the Huawei module in the mPCIeconnector as you can see in the picture, you will need the 2 screw to fix it.

Fix the module

Fix the module to the board using the two M2x4mm screws and a P1 screwdriver.

Do not tight them too much!

Connect the antenna cable

Gently click in the antenna cable to the connector marked with an “A”.

Please pay extra attention since this is very easy to ruin.

Connect the antenna

Connect the antenna on the outside of the cover.

Please hold still the connector from the inside part while you screw the antenna on.

Connect the cable to the board

Connect back the cable from the inside of the monitor to the board attached on the plastic cover.

Close the plastic cover

Close the plastic cover using the screw you’ve removed before.

Set it up

In the Android admin menu you will now find the “4G” item. Settings are in the section “More” of the Wireless and network part.


In the 4G settings (more) click on “Mobile networks” then select “Network operators” and let the system scan the network for a valid carrier. When the list is populated, If you have no special needs, select “Automatically choose preferred network”