What is a player?

A player is software installed on the Player PC. It retrieves the content from the server, saves the content on the Player PC's hard drive and reports the status of the PC to the server. Because the content is saved on the local PC, it is displayed even if connection is momentarily lost.

Players in the Management

When you want to review the connections of your player PCs, choose Players in the view menu on the left. You can see all the players registered on the current level or any level below it. The player software is installed on a player PC that connects to a digital signage screen and displays the content on it. Generally, there is one player per display, but one player can guide several displays that show identical content.

Basic Information and Search

You can define the number of levels whose players you wish to view with Limit depth. Limiting depth allows you to narrow down the number of levels to be shown. Set the limit depth to if you only want to view the players on the current level.

You can search for players by typing the player name in the Search field above the lines.

Each player is displayed on a separate row that includes the following information:

  • Status: A simple indicator of whether the player is online.
  • Last seen: How long a ago the player last contacted the server. Useful in cases when a player is offline.
  • Level: The name of the level the player was registered on.
  • Name: The name of the player.
  • Offsync (s): Time difference between the player and the server in seconds. A large difference may present difficulties for example in the content schedules.

Connection to the Server

The player contacts the server automatically several times a minute to update the content if there have been changes. The player tile displays the last time the player has contacted the server, which you can check to make sure your players are working as they should. You can check the current situation by refreshing the page using the browser’s refresh button or by pressing F5 on your keyboard. The player should usually have been seen within a few minutes. If the time the player was last seen on the server is longer than this, there may be a problem with the connection. If this is the case, try updating your content to see if it is updated on the display normally. If the problem persists, contact our technical support on support.idid.fi or email us at support@idid.fi.

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