Present current headlines easily on your iDiD display from any source with the new RSS Connector.

You can present news feeds easily in an html element either as single slides or as a list of headlines.

Just add an html in your content and copy the address created here in the URL field.

Start creating your news feed URL by visiting rss.idid.fi (opens in a new tab).

Start by choosing the source of your news feed. Most major news sites offer RSS feeds that ara available online. In the example below, we will use the TechCrunch Gadgets feed.

  1. Copy and paste the RSS Feed Url in the first field, for example http://feeds.feedburner.com/crunchgear
  2. In Layout, choose whether you want to present the news as single slides (Diat) or as a list of headlines (Lista).
  3. Next, choose the Article Count. The feed will show the number of the latest news items you define.
  4. In The Change/Scroll Interval you can customize the time a single slide is presented or how fast the title list is scrolled in case all the headlines do not fit in the window at once. The time is defined in seconds.

Next you can choose the details you want to present about each news item.

  1. By ticking Show Feed Title, the feed will presented with the title defined in the source, for example Gadgets - TechCruch.
  2. Tick Show Caption to show the lead paragraph of each new item under the headline. If you leave the box empty, only the headlines are shown.
  3. By ticking the box Show Content the whole news article is shown. Note that the full content may not be available for all the feeds.
  4. Tick Show Publish Date to include the publishing details on the bottom right of each news item.
  5. Finally, you can change the appearance of the feed by choosing a Theme in the dropdown menu.

You will see a preview of the feed in real time as you make the changes.

You can also see the feed in a new tab by clicking on Open RSS. Copy the URL in the field (or in the address bar of the new tab) and paste it in the URL field of the html element you have in your content on the iDiD editor.

Remember to save your content.


Note! The use of this html element is permitted only in the iDiD Digital Signage system.