In iDiD Management, the screens and groups of screens are organized in a hierarchy so that material higher in the hierarchy is inherited down to the lower levels and branches (see also: Levels and Hierarchical Inheritance). The user rights have the same pattern which means that the user can navigate on the level their account was created on and all the levels below it. Sometimes the user's account is low in the hierarchy but they need access to levels in other branches of the hierarchy. With the normal level hierarchy, such navigation is not possible.

To enable this, the user account receives an added teleport menu to navigate between levels in different branches of the hierarchy.

As you sign in to the management, you will always arrive on the level that your account was created on but now you can find in the home view a Jump to level menu that enables you to navigate on the levels in different branches of the hierarchy.

You can also move between hierarchies in any view directly using the level menu. Open the the level menu by pressing it at the top of the management and choose the hierarchy you want to move to by using the Jump to level menu.

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