With an html element you can display web content, styled, or directly from the source. The advantage of using html elements is automatic updating, which is why they are used to display e.g. weather forecasts, bus schedules and news headlines. Html content tailormade for iDiD screens is available for you in the Html elements section of the support.

Select the element by pressing it in the content or the name of the element in the element menu.

Copy the URL address for the content you want to display and paste it in the URL field of the element.

Save the content by pressing on the check mark on the green background.

Note. Because the content in html elements changes automatically with the source, it cannot be played from the local PC in case connection to the Internet is lost. Ensure the functioning of your html elements by connecting your iDiD player PC to a reliable network.

Using an html element, you can display any webcontent, copyrights and licensing considered, but we have also created customizable, easily implemented materials for the iDiD system, for example different clocks, news feeds and visual effects. See all our html materials here.

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