As the name suggest, text elements contain text. As a content editor you can edit the size and alignment and the text itself.

To edit the text, activate the element by pressing it in the content or its name in the element menu. When activated, blue borders appear for the element. Double click on the text or click once on the pencil icon that appears on the lower left corner of the element to start editing the text. Write in or copy and paste the text. The element uses only the font and styling defined for it, which means single words within the text cannot be bolded or italicized.

You can edit the name of the text element that is only visible in the management, in the field Text name. Giving the text elements unique names is useful for distinguishing them, especially if you have multiple text elements in one content, such as a title and a body text.

You can also edit the size and alignment of the text. Note that the font size on a digital signage display can be notably larger than normal documents read on a computer screen or an A4 sized paper because the viewing distance with digital signage is much larger.

  • Note that if the size of the text exceeds the size of the element, the text outside the borders will not be shown. Adjust your font size so that your message fits in the element.

You can also change the letter-spacing of the text. By default the letter-spacing value is 0 and the field is empty. By increasing the value, you can make the space between the letters greater. Use negative values (with the minus character) to decrease the space between the letters. In the example below, the text in the middle row uses the default letter-spacing (0). The first row has a letter-spacing value 10 and the last row the value -10. You can also use decimal numbers, use period as the decimal separator, for example 3.2.

When you are done editing, press on the grey area outside the content and start editing other elements or save the content by pressing the check mark on the green background.

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