As a Content Editor, you can change the image in the image element and upload new images in the system. The size and location of the image has been predefined in the template you use. A new image is scaled to fit the element.

Activate the element by pressing the image in the content or the name of the element in the element menu.

Change the image by scrolling down the element menu and pressing Choose image.

Choose an image in the media library. If the image you choose is a different size or has a different aspect ratio from the image element, it will be fitted in the element automatically.

You can edit the image layout using the Image size menu. The default value is ContainĀ which means the image is not cropped but it is resized instead so that it fits the element. Any area of the element that is not covered by the image is transparent, and any material under it, such as a background image, is shown normally.

In the menu Image position you can move the image within the image for example to the top or the bottom.

If you choose in the Image size menu the option Cover, the image is enlarged to cover the whole element area. This means that parts of the image may be cropped and will not be visible in the content. You can define the part of the image that is shown in the elemant by using the Image position menu.

You can change the name of the image under Name. The name is only used in the editor to help distinguish between elements and is not shown outside of the content editor.

Change the image type under Image format. The most popular image format is JPG. Choose PNG for example when you add logos in the content, or other images with a transparent background.

After choosing the image, press on the grey area outside the content and start editing other elements or save the content by pressing on the check mark on the green background.

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