As a Content Editor you can change the video in the video element and upload new videos in the system. The size and location of the element has been predefined in the template you use. You can use almost any of the common video formats because they are automatically converted on the server to the right format.

Activate the element by pressing the video in the content or the name of the element in the element menu.

Change the video by scrolling down the element menu and pressing the Change video.

Choose a video in the media library. If the video you choose is a different size or has a different aspect ration from the video element, it will be fitted in the element automatically. Video are not cropped but instread they are made smaller to fit the element. Any area of the element that is not covered by the video is shown in black.

You can change the name of the video element under Name. The name is only used in the editor to help distinguish between elements and is not shown outside of the content editor.

You can preview the whole video by pressing on the Play button that appears on the right left corner of the element.

If the video and the display configuration allows playing sound, you can change the volume under Sound volume.

After choosing the video, press on the grey area outside the content and start editing other elements or save the content by pressing on the check mark on the green background.

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