Scheduled content consist of various materials, such as images and rectangles. These materials are called elements. A template contains elements whose size and location in the template are predefined and whose material (such as the actual text) you can change according to your needs. When you are using the content editor, the elements used in the content as well as their visibility are displayed in the element menu on the left.

The order of the elements in content, such as text, images or a background color, is significant. The element first on the list is shown topmost in the content. You can reorder the elements in the content or hide the ones that you do not want to display.

Change the order of the elements moving over the triple barafter the element's name and dragging the name of the element up or down on the list. If the element you move shares its location with another element, it may cover the lower element partially or completely depending on the elements' respective locations in the content.

If the template you are using contains elements you do not want to display in the content you are editing (e.g. a logo or a text element), you can hide them. Hide an element by pressing the eye icon after the element's name. The icon is shown in light grey and the element is hidden. You can make the element visible again any time by pressing on the eye icon again.

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