When you log into the iDiD management, you will first arrive in the home view.

Topmost is displayed the name of the level your user account was created on.

Additionally, in the home view you can see in one place the current activies on the level.

You can also change your account settings in the home view.

Change the language used in the management by choosing it in the Language menu. The language setting will remain the same even between sessions.

Move between hierarchies by using the Jump to level menu (not applicable to all users).

Choose the number of past activities shown in the Show menu.

You can also edit the information shown in the home view or view the sessions opened with your account in the settings. Change the setting by pressing on the gear icon.

In Settings you can choose whether or not to show in the home view

  • when you last logged in and out of the management
  • screens that are offline

Additionally, you will see information about your earlier sessions.

You can close earlier sessions by pressing Revoke for example if you think someone else has logged in using your account.

Read more about levels and hierarchical inheritance or

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