If your organization publishes several content with the same schedule or there are specific campaign schedules, you can create schedule templates that makes scheduling fast and easy.

You can find schedules in the view menu under Schedules.

Existing schedules are shown in the view. The details shown for each schedule are the name of the level for which it was created and the name of the schedule. The name of the level is not shown if the schedule is created on your current level.

You can edit or remove existing schedules by pressing the name of the schedule and then, in the menu that appears at the top, pressing Edit or Remove. You can remove several schedules at once by selecting the schedules and then pressing Remove all.

Create a new schedule

  1. Start by pressing on Create schedule.

  • The schedule is created on your current level and it is available also on all the levels below it. Change the level if necessary.
  1. Give the schedule a descriptive name under Name.
  2. Select the options you want to specify in the schedule.

Single date

Single date is, as the name suggests, a single date. You can add several dates in the schedule. A single date is a good option for content you show once a week or once a month, for example.

Add dates by pressing on the plus sign (+) and remove them by pressing on the minus sign after the date (-).

Date range

By defining a date range the content using the schedule will be shown from the start date until the end date, both days included. Date range is a good option for campaigns with several content.

Days of the week

By defining the days of the week you can include or exclude days for showing the content. Specify the days by pressing on the box below the name of the day. The content is shown on the days with a tick.

Note. The first day on the list is Monday, not Sunday, following to the Finnish format.

Start and end time

In addition to the dates and days of the week, you can define the start and end time for the content. Define the time by typing it in the fields or by changing the time using the arrow buttons.

In the schedule, you can define only the dates, days of week or times or any combination of them. When creating new content you can choose a schedule and complement the schedule settings for the parts not defined in the chosen schedule.

Finally, save the schedule by pressing on Save.

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