If your organization has predefined schedules for displaying content, such as campaigns, lunch schedules or weekly greetings, scheduling them is easy with a schedule. By using a schedule when creating new content, the right schedule is easy to set quickly with just a few clicks of a button.

Start by creating new content or editing the schedule of existing content.

The schedule menu is in the content settings right under the transition and duration menus. Select the schedule in the dropdown menu.

When you select a schedule, the fields in the settings that are specified in the schedule will disappear. For example, if the schedule specifies only a date range, you can still edit the days of the week as well as the start and end time. On the other hand, if the dates, days of week and times are specified within the schedule, none of these menus are shown in the settings.

After you have chosen a schedule and complemented the settings as needed, continue creating the content normally by pressing on Save.

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