You can edit existing content and reschedule them.

Edit Schedule

You can start editing the schedule in one of the two ways.

  • By pressing the schedule below the content once.

  • By selecting the content by pressing it once and pressing Settings in the menu that appears at the top.

You are directed to the schedule settings that are the same as when creating new content.

  1. Topmost on the settings is the level. You can change the level by navigating to the level you want the content on using the level menu.
  2. You can name or rename the content under Name. The name is only used in the management to help distinguish between content and is never shown on the digital signage display.
  3. Change the Transition. Transition is the way in which the content you are creating is brought on the screen. Each level has their default transition that is used if you do not change the transition in the menu.
  4. Change how long the content is shown at once under Duration (s). Set the duration in seconds by typing it in the field or change the duration using the arrow buttons or arrow keys.
  5. If you want your new content to be displayed without all the other content, use the Priority menu and set it on High. Learn more about the Priority feature here.
  6. If your account has Schedules you want your content to be displayed on, choose your preferred one under Schedule. Otherwise choose the schedule following steps 7 to 9.
  7. Change the Start date and End date by typing them in the fields. You can also change the dates using the arrow keys or the calendar. Open the calendar by pressing on the dropdown arrow on the right end of the date field. You can empty the date setting by pressing on the cross after the date.
  8. Choose the Week days. As a default, the content is shown on every day of the week. Remove the days on which you do not want to show the content by pressing on the cross below the name of the day.
    • NoteThe first day on the calendar view and week day list is Monday, not Sunday, following to the Finnish format.
  9. Lastly, set the time range for showing the content. Define the time by typing it in the fields Start time and End time. You can also change the time by using the arrow keys.
    • Note. In the management, the 24-hour clock is used, i.e. 9 p.m. is marked as 21:00.

  1. Finally, save the settings and go to the content editor by pressing Save.

Editing Content

You can start editing the content in one of two ways.

  • By double-clicking on the content.
  • By selecting the content by pressing it once and pressing Edit in the menu that appears at the top.

You are redirected to the content editor that you can used to edit the elements in the content. You can edit

Save the changes by pressing on the check mark on the green background.

Or cancel editing without saving by pressing on the cross on the red background.