With the preview tool you can view the currently scheduled content in their display order on your browser.

  1. Start previewing in the Content view by pressing Preview on the top.

A small preview window opens in the bottom right corner.

You can open the preview in a new window by pressing the arrow icon in the top right corner of the preview window.

Note. Different pop-up blockers may prevent opening the preview in a new window. If the preview is not opened, disable your pop-up blocker temporarily and try again.

Close the preview by pressing on the cross in the top left corner of the small preview or by closing the new preview window.

Changing Slides in Preview Mode

It is possible to move between slides in preview mode. Use the following key combinations:

  • alt + left and right arrow key = toggle between the previous and following slide
  • alt + number key= move to the corresponding slide
  • alt + 0 = return to slideshow.

You must additionally hold down the shift in touch mode. The normal slideshow will continue after the set time.

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