By stacking slides you can manage and change the settings of several slides at once, which is useful if you have content that are regularly displayed together.

Creating a stack

  1. Press the content you want to stack.

  2. Select Stack in the menu that appears at the top.

The content that you stack will have identical settings. The stack settings are defined from the content that was selected first for the stack.

Editing a stack

You can name the stack and schedule all the content in the stack at once.

  1. Select the stack you want to edit by pressing it once.
  2. Select SettingsĀ in the menu at the top to edit the stack as a whole.'
  3. When editing a stack, you can edit the same settings as you would when editing single content, i.e.

    1. Name

    2. Priority

    3. Schedule

      1. More on settings on Creating new content.

  4. Finally, save the stack settings by pressing on Save.

Opening a stack

You can open a stack temporarily to view and edit the individual content in it, or to reorder them within the stack.

  1. Select the stack you want to view by pressing it.
  2. Select Open Stack in the menu at the top.
  3. You can edit the individual content in the stack by selecting then with a double click, or a single press on the content and EditĀ in the menu at the top.

The internal order of content in a stack

The content in a stack are shown in the order .... Reorder the content in a stack the same way you would reorder individual content.

  1. Start by opening the stack.
  2. Select Reorder.
  3. Reorder the content by dragging them.
  4. Finish reordering and save the changes by pressing Stop reordering.

The opened stack will return to its normal state when you press on an area outside of the contents in the management.

Unstacking content

You can remove all the content from the stack easily at once.

  1. Select the stack you want to unstack by pressing it.
  2. Select Unstack in the menu at the top.

Read more about Creating new content and

Editing content