iDiD Player Software can be installed from the Web on LG devices with WebOS 3.2.

NB! Remember to change the time zone in the settings according to the location. Devices shipped from abroad may have the time zone set for the sending country.

Installing iDiD

  1. Press on the settings button on the remote control (a cog icon).
  2. The initial settings are OK as they are, move on directly by pressing Done.
  3. Set the device to use an automatic time zone by selecting General on the left, and then select Time & Date.
  4. Select Set Automatically and choose the continent, country and city.
  5. Next, select EZ Settings on the left, select SI Server Settings, and repeat the selection twice more in the menus that appear.
  6. In the menu that appears, go to Application Launch Mode and set it to Local (see image below).
  7. Set the Fully Qualified Domain Name to On.
  8. In the field below Fully Qualified Domain name, type in
    • If needed, plug a keyboard into the device. Note that the keyboard uses the en-US language settings.
  9. On Application Type, select IPK and press OK.
  10. On Local Application Upgrade, select REMOTE and press OK.
  11. The device asks to verify if you want to run the upgrade. Select Confirm.
  12. If the upgrade was run correctly, a text appears on the screen reading Complete. Press OK.
  13. Reboot the device.
  14. If a registration code does not appear on the screen, check on the home menu that Play via url is set to Off.


At the first use, there will be a registration code on the screen. Send the code to iDiD support ( or register the device yourself if you have the necessary permissions.


  • The software version does not support CSS injections.
  • Videos and html content is not run when the screen is offline.
  • Use only the No transition option for content with videos.
  • Consider the memory, processor and free disk space capacity when making Content.