In iDiD Management, the screens and groups of screens are organized in a hierarchy that controls how and where the content is displayed. Content higher in the hierarchy is inherited down to the lower branches in it even from levels you do not have access to. For example, in a specific location of your organization you will see the content that is scheduled for the whole organization. Content inherited from higher up is marked with the name of the level. By creating content lower down in the hierarchy, you can control where the content is shown, whether it is a group of screens or a single screen.

Content inherited from a higher level

To view content on different levels, navigate between levels by using the level menu on the top left. Move to a level by pressing on its name or search for a level using its name.

Moving existing content to another level

If you want to move content, first make sure you are on the level the content was created on. Material that is inherited from a higher level is marked with the name of the level on a blue background. To edit inherited materials, you must navigate to the level the material is on. To do this, use the level menu above.

  • Material can also be inherited from a level that you cannot access. In this case, contact the iDiD administrators in your organization or iDiD Support.

Move content to another level

  1. The level of a content is defined in its settings. You can edit the settings in one of two ways:
    • By pressing on the schedule under the content tile once. 
    • By activating the content by pressing it once and then Settings in the menu that appears at the top.You are directed to the schedule settings that are the same as when creating new content.
  2. Topmost on the settings is the level. Open the level menu by pressing on the field and navigating to the level you want the content on.
  3. On the menu, press on the level to which you want to move the content. After that, press on the area outside of the menu to close it.
    • You will see the new level in the level menu. 

  4. Finally, save the changes by pressing by pressing Save.

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