Automatically and quickly import menus the way you wish with the iDiD AROMI Connector.

To begin using the Connector, visit:

Using the AROMI Connector

Aromi site: Select the meal service provider.

Restaurant type: Select the meal type, e.g. school meals or care services.

Restaurant: Select the restaurant or location whose menu you wish to view.

View: Decide whether you wish to display only the menu of the current day, the menu of the whole week as one list, or the menu of the whole week as separate day-specific slides.

Columns: Select the number of columns the menus are displayed with. If you select one column, the luch options will be displayed under one another, with multiple columns they will be displayed side by side. 

Multiple columns are especially useful with lists.

Font: Select the font size of the menu; the options range from XXXS to XXL. The Default setting corresponds to the font size XL.

Font color: Select the font color of the heading and list. The default color is black.

Your choices are updated immediately, and the menu is displayed as a preview below. Click Open menu to view the menu in a new tab.

Adding a menu to an iDiD slide

  1. Create a slide in which you wish to display menus. Create or select and HTML element.
  2. From the bottom field of the AROMI Connector menu, copy the URL of the menu, and paste it to the HTML element´s field.

The menu view is transparent, so you can use background images below the menu to further personalize it.  

Remember to save the slide when you are done.

NB! This HTML element may only be used in the iDiD management.

Read more about Adding a new element

and Editing an html element