You can bring up-to-date workbooks from OneDrive and O365 with our Excel Connector.

Begin using the connector here:

Start Using the Excel Connector

  1. Register with your O365 account (make sure that two-factor authentication is disabled).
  2. If you want to limit the displayed data to certain locations, enter the Accepted IP/CIDR separated by a slash (/).
  3. Select a workbook and save.

  4. Select a sheet in the workbook.

  5. Select the range of the sheet that will be displayed.

  6. Import formattings, or edit them yourself below.

  7. Copy and paste the generated link into an HTML element in a slide.

NB! The use of this HTML element is only permitted in the iDiD digital signage manager.

Take a look at Adding a new element

and Editing an html element as well.